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Model -> Output -> Global Ply - API?


Is there a way to do

Model -> Output -> Global Ply

via an API?  


Using FEMAP 11.1.1.  If this is possible in newer versions I can try to upgrade.


This is one of the last steps I need to completely automate some tedious and time consuming post-processing.  


In general I am growing to love the API, and I hope that the developers realize the value of exposing as much functionality via the API as possible.  




Re: Model -> Output -> Global Ply - API?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This isn't currently exposed to the API, but for any command like this you can always use the Program File capability by calling feFileProgramRun( ).  So for this command you could use something like...


App.feFileProgramRun( False, True, False, "{MOB}" )


to run the command. Unfortunately there is no trivial way to specify the Output Sets that you want to process. It can be done via the same Program File, but the syntax is complicated if you want to do anything other than take the default of all sets.


Hope this helps.