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Modeling Joints with Rigid Elements

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Everyone,


I have some questions regarding modeling joints using rigid elements. I prepared a quick study with two models:


1) Joint with rigid elements (RBE2's) connected with each other

2) Joint with rigid elements (RBE2's) connected via CBUSH elements


I was going through the following forum discussion:


What I understood from the discussion was if I need to the loads at the joint I should use CBUSH elements else we can directly connect RBE2's.


Please find a summary of my study attached. 


My conclusion after the study is that if the CBUSH stiffness is high then the joint behaves exactly like if rigid elements are directly connected with each other.


Please let me know if I am going something incorrectly.








Re: Modeling Joints with Rigid Elements


In your particular model, all of the load has to pass through the single connection element.  Regardless of the type of element or stiffness, the load will remain the same.  A better test would probably be something that contains multiple fasteners and is statically indeterminate such as a lap shear joint.  In this scenario the stiffness of the fastener elements will directly affect the load distribution through the joint.