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Need Help - Cannot Start Femap After Downloading and Installing

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I downloaded Femap for the 45 day trial. I unzipped the downloaded files and double clicked on the ".exe" file to install the program. I was also e-mailed a license file and I saved it as a ".dat" file in the same folder that I sent the installed files to. I tried to start Femap by double clicking on the shortcut icon that appeared on my desktop, but I got an error message in a popup box that reads as follows:
Femap.exe - Application Error
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click
OK to close the application.
There is an OK button at the bottom of the popup box. When I click that everything returns to square one.
Can anybody help me with this?

Re: Need Help - Cannot Start Femap After Downloading and Installing

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Bob,

It looks like the download didn't complete and you have a partial install. I'll send you some new download links in a separate email message - download the install file again and try to reinstall. Sorry you are having these problems.

Al Robertson