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Need help with (cracking) a reinforced concrete model!




For a school project I need to know how much force is needed to apply for cracking a (reinforced) concrete pile from the sides. I have modeled a pile(concrete class C35/45) with reinforced steel in inventor, I imported this model in femap. Made the material list, and added loads from both sides on a specific area.



My question is what would be the right choice of analysis? and is it possible to get a cracked/ruptured view?

When I use static type it looks like the steel rebars doesn't ''add'' something, perhaps the contact between the steelrebars and the concrete isn't right.


Re: Need help with (cracking) a reinforced concrete model!


Well I think there is no module for Fracture Mechanics in Femap. When I had similar project(instead of concrete we had steel) I did this in Abaqus because Abqaus has this option and it's fairly easy but you need to know theory behind it(I belive that we are talking about brittle fracture so you should look for CPE8 for 2d analysis or C3D20 for 3D analysis).I never learned about concrete but suspect that you can't to this on the way you described it without defining connection between steel and concrete. If you want to solve this in Femap ,my intuitive guess would be that you use contact between steel bars and concrete and run static analysis. After you get results you would need to compare stresses with some analytical solution or with some measured critical stresses for your case.