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OP2 Material Orientation


Hello everyone, I have attached an op2 file and I have some troubles to List --> Output --> Use Format and it does not take into account the material orientation. In fact I need the results in the Material Orientation defined by the user and list the output using a specific format. I have already transformed the results at Select Criteria View but the only thing I achieved were to have the results in material orientation using data table but I have to list the results to have a file *.lst.


Could you help please?


Re: OP2 Material Orientation



For 2D elements output in the op2 is never in the material orientation, unlike for 3D elements. There are several ways to force output tranformation:


1) Model > Output > Transform will create output vectors with the transformed output

Once you have these vectors, you can list them wherever you want


2) the OMID parameter, which will force 2D output in the f06 to be in the material orientation. This "tricks" FEMAP so be cautious (checkout Help > Commands > > Output Orientation to understand default output orientation). The disadvantage is the size of the f06.