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Parallel buckling analysis with multiple loadcases


I have a buckling analysis in which 5+ modes are calculated for each of 10+ load cases.


Is there a way to calculate the 5+ modes for each of the 10+ load cases in parallel, aside from running one analysis for each load case in parallel? I'd like all results to be stored in a single OP2 file, so that isn't really practical.


Just to be explicit, I mean parallelizing on the load cases, not the calculation of the modes themselves onto multiple CPUs, such that all 10+ load cases are being calculated at once, because their eigenvalue solutions are independent from one another.


Re: Parallel buckling analysis with multiple loadcases

There are two separate questions here. The answer to the first is that NX Nastran will not parallelise the independent buckling calculations. Might do it if you have the DMP option if the parallel modes operations also work for the buckling eigenvalue calculations.
The second issue is that if you are comfortable making manual changes to the NX Nastran deck (eg. via Model -> Analysis -> Preview Input -> Edit) you can make the analysis do buckling analysis on multiple static subcases using the method shown on page 22-6 of the NX Nastran User Guide. In case you are not using V11.3.x, this is the page headed "Solution 105". Also, look up the STATSUB entry in the Quick Reference Guide, which is the entry used in each buckling subcase to call up the relevant static load subcase for which you wish to also do buckling analysis. Using this method, you will get all the results of multiple buckling load cases into a single .op2 file.