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Please HELP! insufficient memory

Hi there,
I'm trying the trial version of Femap 11.0.1 64bit on my server which has 16cores and 128G RAM. I did a simple test of meshing a unit cube with 50 elements on each edges. The mesh generator shows about 670,000 tetrahedron elements are created but gave me the following error information:
Mesh is valid, but stopped due to insufficient memory. You may get a better mesh if you remesh with more memory.
I changed the database memory limit in the preference, but it did nothing. I guess the RAM on my server is big enough to handle millions of elements. Is there a limit on the number of elements in the trial version? Thanks.

Re: Please HELP! insufficient memory

Solution Partner Valued Contributor Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Solution Partner Valued Contributor
There must be something else happening in your set of steps, as we can replicate that on a lesser machine. But there must be differences in sequence, as our mesh (size = 0.02, to produce 50 elements along each edge) produces 313,000 elements and 446,933 nodes. Your machine has much more resources than are required to do this test, so perhaps you will need to be more specific about any preferences you set or steps you followed. That test could be completed on a 7 year old laptop with 1 GB RAM! Have you set the software to run in some "compatibility mode" such as 32 bit XP (not that 32 bit XP could not do the job, but there is no good reason to do it)? The trial version can cope with that model size.