Points on Nodes

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I'm trying to put some Points on Nodes in the FEM Model, but the points are Projected to some faces out there somewhere. I want them on my nodes. Thankful for any hints.


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Try using the Geometry > Point command. While in the dialog to select location right click in the model space and switch the snap setting to "Snap to Node". Then click and the node you would like to create a point on. When you click the node you will see the XYZ location propagate with the XYZ of the nodeID. 


Be aware that depending on what you are trying to do, you may need to associate that node with the point. i.e. if you are putting a load on the point. 


Re: Points on Nodes

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Dear Bernt,

As an addition to great Troy comments you can run the API from CUSTOM TOOLS > GEOMETRY PROCESSING > Create Points at Nodes > select the nodes you desire .... and done!.


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