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Postprocessing filter (view only surfaces above x stress)


Hello all,

I'm fairly new to FEMAP, but I'm getting better with it.  I remember seeing in a presentation a while ago, someone was able to change a setting to display only the surfaces in a model with a stress greater than a specified value (I would like to view only the surfaces with a stress greater than the fatigue limit of the material).  I can't figure out how it's done; can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thank you,



Re: Postprocessing filter (view only surfaces above x stress)


One way to do this is using a "Criteria Plot".  This can be accessed via the Postprocessing Toolbox, but to make it very clear... via the menus:

1. View -> Select -> Contour Style = Criteria.  And use the Deformed and Contour Button to select the result type you want to view.  Ok to all that.

2. To change what you do or don't see:  View -> Options  -> Category = Postprocessing.. then use:

   Criteria Limits

   Criteria - Elements that Pass

   Criteria - Elemnts that Fail.

to control what is filtered by the Criteria and to control how the "passing" and "failing" elements are displayed and/or labelled.