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Pressure as a function of angle


Hi all,


Is there a way to apply a variable pressure load on elements as a function of their position? So if I have a cylinder, can I apply a distributed load as a function of the element locations defined in a local cylindrical co-ordinate system?


I want to apply a wind load to a cylinder, represented as a sine distribution that peaks at the location that is face on to the wind direction and reduces as it goes around. Something similar to this diagram.







Re: Pressure as a function of angle

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Yes, you have to define the pressure as a function or equation of the parameter you need and then in the load definitions:

put 1 to the value of the pressure and then ckick to Variable and Advanced... and finally in the Advanced Load Methods

choose the type of relation you need. 

In the annex pictures I have put an exemple of a hydrostatic pressure...


Best regards


Re: Pressure as a function of angle


Thanks for your reply. This is what I thought would happen, but when I choose a pressure load on a set of elements my equation and function radio buttons are greyed out. I notice that you can use them when applying a pressure load to a surface though. Unfortunately I rotated my mesh rather than my geometry when creating the model and the elements aren't associated with a surface anymore.

However, I have found I can do it with the equation data surface and then apply the load that way. The loading with data surfaces is quite fiddly as you have to go back to the start if you want to change anything so if you've got geometry surfaces I think your way is much nicer, but it seems to work ok for where there is only a mesh.