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Problem in Femap 11.2 reading older version files


I am using an academic license and this problem may be related to that.

Just installed Femap 11.2 and tried to open files from the previous version (11.1.2). I get the message

"Unable to open Student Version Model in this version"

and then on the next window I get

"Unable to start Database Converter C:\FEMAPv112\util\neu_111.exe." 

and in the next window I get

"Invalid Version 11.2 Model Database (11.1).  If this is an old model it must be converted, otherwise choose a different file."

I have numerous files I need to open. Any suggestions on how to proceed?


Re: Problem in Femap 11.2 reading older version files

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This is a bug in FEMAP v11.2 dealing with migrating models from previous versions when you are using an educational license. It will be fixed in the upcoming v11.2.1 release which is due out next month. As a workaround until then you will have to open the model file in the older version of FEMAP (v11.1.x) and export a FEMAP Neutral file manually. That Neutral file can then be read into FEMAP v11.2.