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Problems Running Contact

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I've downloaded Femap to trial following my more to a new job (I've always used Abaqus in the past).

I'm having real trouble running contact models. I've run static models without any errors but I'm not having any joy with the contact. I've built a simple pin and lug arrangement but the following errors keep coming up.

Fatal Error Message 315
Fatal Error Message 316

Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: Problems Running Contact

Dear Jon,
Upload your FEMAP model to the Forum to take a look and see the source of the error.
Best regards,

Re: Problems Running Contact

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Hi Jon,
Did you get any help with this contact problem? You probably need to post the actual text of the error messages for them to be meaningful. There are a few reasons why this error might occur, but the likely one depends on whether you had used exactly the same model for the statics and contact (eg. just switching from a glue connection to contact). But some reasons why you might get it include rigid elements having common dependent nodes; tiny models created far from the origin (distinct nodes written at same location if using default precision); very poor mesh (unlikely when the geometry is so simple); poor material specification (eg. Shear modulus value put in Poissons ratio box).
Vernon McKenzie