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Questions about support buckling.




I'm trying a structure buckling analysis. A heavy water tank located on the roof of small steel house, two strong beams and two long beams supported the water tank load. I'd like to check if these two long beams are stable enought. Please see below screenshots.


I use buckling analysis to simulate the structure. But the results show the side wall of the house will buckled first. This is actually not what I focused, I only want to check the buckle of the beams. Even if I try to use Group to see the eigenvalue of the beams, but it's seems no possible at all. What shall I do? 


Is there any way to get the force and the moment on top of the beams from the results? I may build the beams only and apply the force and moment, then I will get the buckling eigenvalue of the beam only with the same load and boundary conditions. I trust this is not the good sulution, but as a newbie, this is the only way I can think outMan Mad


Thanks for any help.


model file attached.