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Reading in a PATRAN File


I have FEMAP 11.2,, but am working for a client using FEMAP 10.1.  They normally use PATRAN 10.1 as their primary pre/post for MSC Nastran [double yuk!]  At any rate, I need to import a model created in PATRAN into FEMAP and have been trying to do so by having PATRAN create a Patran Nuetral file with all the geometry, elements, etc included.  The file wants to save out as a .out file and FEMAP is apparently looking for a .PAT file.  Not sure what the difference is.  At any rate, I cannot read in the .db file from PATRAN directly into FEMAP and when processing the .out neutral file, I get a lot of "skipped last 1 lines of data packet type....." messages that come into FEMAP.  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong during this import operation?






Re: Reading in a PATRAN File

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Here you are a few suggestions:

  • If you need to open a FEMAP V11.2 file in an older version of FEMAP V10.1, use always command FILE > EXPORT > FEMAP NEUTRAL and choose the FEMAP version to export, this is the exact method.
  • For PATRAN, you can always ask PATRAN to export the nastran INPUT DECK file, then import the nastran file (either *.dbf, *.dat, *.nas) in FEMAP using command FILE > IMPORT > ANALYSIS MODEL > NASTRAN



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Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: Reading in a PATRAN File

Blas, Thanks for the quick reply and please know you have my gratitude for helping me with this issue. Not having had to work with PATRAN before, this solution worked flawlessly. The FEMAP help system suggests writing out a PATRAN neutral file and then reading that into FEMAP. This does not seem to work. Using the .bdf file as a model import works as one would expect given that this is supposed to be a Nastran input deck. Again, many thanks! Hopefully I will be able to return the favor sometime. Best regards, Gerry J. Dail, P.E. MCB Engineering Consulting, LLC