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Remove Hard Points



I am new to Femap and Using 10.0.2.

I am trying to remove hard point by using the Command  Modify->Edit-> Point. I am working on Midsrface geometryMesh_Points.png

I am trying to repalce the point to the nearest point so that replace point dosnt create node.

But still Femap create a node where the point is destroyed

Any help on this




Re: Remove Hard Points

Your explaination isn't fully clear.

However, if you non-manifold add your surfaces this should remove the duplicate points - unless they exist on the curve "very" close to the curve end, you can then use combined curve command within the meshing toolbox to remove the point where femap will place a node - giving you a better mesh - Is that what you are looking?

Re: Remove Hard Points

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

You can use the command Mesh > Mesh Control > Mesh Point on Surface.


Select the surface with the mesh points. Then specify "Use Existing Points" options and click OK. In the point selection dialog box change the radio botton to "Remove", now you can select a point or ID of the point that you would like to remove from that surface.


However after the command is completed you will have to remesh the surface. 




In FEMAP 11.3 there is added functionality which tracks “Mesh Points” currently defined on surfaces, then automatically reassigns the mesh points to the appropriate surface when geometry is modified. Reassignment of mesh points only occurs when geometry is modified using commands in the various tools of the Meshing Toolbox, not when using com­mands on the Geometry menu.


Re: Remove Hard Points

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Can you upload your model and we can take a look at this?