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Remove empty layers

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello all.
After removing items Delete-Model-Mesh removed all but the layers in which these elements were created.
How do I delete all empty layers?

It is necessary to retain only those layers on layers of which there are objects
Delete-Tools-Layers removes layers in which there are objects


Re: Remove empty layers

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I always face the same problem, hopefuly the FEMAP guys can create a direct method in next release to solve the problem??. The reason why a layer number is not deleted --or reapeared again after doing FILE > REBUILD-- is because some entities still reside in the layer (properties, loads, mesh, etc..).


The layer list tool does not tell the user what entities reside on the layer. The method I use to verify what entities reside on a layer is the following:


  • Create a group with the entities on that layer using command "Group > Operations > Generate Entities on Layer..."
  • Select the layer in question and generate the new group.
  • List the group to verify the entities.

Then you know what entities should delete (or move to a new layer), after a layer is empty you can delete it with success. Do a FILE > REBUILD to see that the layer is deleted for sure!!.


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