Renumber API function

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Hi, I'm trying to renumber a bunch of objects using the following. Everything works except surfaces & solids. FT_SURFACE renumbers only few of them and others are not getting renumbered. When i manually did, it worked. The passed in sets are not empty, it had the right count of surfaces. This is pretty simple and ot sure what i'm missing.


Thank you.



Private Sub Renumber(ISurfs As femap.Set, ISolids As femap.Set, Ipts As femap.Set, ICurves As femap.Set, iElems As femap.Set, INds As femap.Set)


App.feRenumber(FT_POINT, Ipts.ID, 1000001)

App.feRenumber(FT_CURVE, ICurves.ID, 1000001)

'App.feRenumberOpt2(zDataType.FT_SOLID, ISolids.ID, 1000001, 0, 0, False, False, False, 0) ' testing


App.feRenumber(FT_SOLID, ISolids.ID, 1000001)

App.feRenumber(FT_SURFACE, ISurfs.ID, 1000001)


App.feRenumber(FT_ELEM, iElems.ID, 1000001)

App.feRenumber(FT_NODE, INds.ID, 1000001)

End Sub



Re: Renumber API function

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Siemens Phenom

Which version of FEMAP? Can you make an example model?


Re: Renumber API function

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For some reason it did not work when I passed in the sets in to a private sub which takes care of Renumbering. When I pasted the app.ferenumb.. into the main API it started to work fine. It was pretty straight forward, not sure what was going on or what I missed.