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Replace updated meshed/CAD part in an Analysis model.


Hi Experts,


I have an analyzed model for which I do the changed on the CAD after looking at the results. And everytime I make any small/big changes in the model, I have to:

1. delete the old part solid elements

2. delete all the nodes

3. Reset all my contacts related to that part

4. Renumber all elements in the femap model with an offset, then import the shell meshed updated component

5. 3D mesh the shell mesh with femap

6. Then re-establish all the contacts and rigids

7. Run the model


This is a very painful process when you have 20+ interations for one model. I have 10 such models that have each 20+ iterations with updates after every iteration. 


Is there any way I can simply import the CAD/Shell/3D mesh into the model and the Femap takes care of the replacement of that component all by itself?