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Retreive nodes from contact region using API




I am trying to retreive a set of nodes from a connection region using the API method GetEntities.

I have been able to retreive a set of elements and surfaces, but it seems when I use FT_NODE as an entity type the Sortset returned does not appear to contain anything. Using the .next() method returns 0, but when I use FT_ELEM .next() returns a valid integer.


Is FT_NODE a valid specifier?


Sub Main
    Dim App As femap.model
    Set App = feFemap()

    Dim Conn As femap.Connection
    Set Conn = App.feConnection

    Dim ConnectorSet As femap.Set
    Set ConnectorSet=App.feSet()

    Dim Reg As femap.ConnectionRegion
    Set Reg = App.feConnectionRegion

    Dim n As femap.Node
    Set n = App.feNode

    Dim NodeSet1 As femap.Set
    Set NodeSet1 = App.feSet()

    Dim s As femap.SortSet
    Set s = App.feSort

    Dim ConnectionID As Long
    Dim NodeID As Long

    ' Get connectors
    rc = ConnectorSet.Select(FT_CONNECTION,True,"Select connections")
    ConnectionID =ConnectorSet.First()
    rc = Conn.Get(ConnectionID)


    Set s = Reg.GetEntities( FT_NODE, True )

    ' Load node ID from sortset
    While s.Next() <> FE_FAIL
        rc =NodeSet1.Add( s.nInt1 )

End Sub


Cheers Brenden


Re: Retreive nodes from contact region using API


Hello Brene,


Your code work if you create connection regions defined by nodes. In this case doesn't work when you change FT_NODE to FT_SURFACE in code.


Best regards,


Peter Kaderasz