Reverse Association of Geometry in Femap?


I am analyzing a simple Wing Box in Femap. Currently, I have only two ribs in my at the wing root and the other one at the tip. The Wing Box C/S is prismatic. Anyways, we realized that we may need a couple of intermediate ribs.

Plan is to copy the midsurface twice along with elements and associate the elements to surface using Modify -> Associativity -> Automatic command.

Just to extend the above, I want to copy existing solid model of ribs and if possible "associate" copied midsurfaces to the copied solid geometry. Is this possible in Femap? Intent is that if we reopen this model a few months down the line and use Modify -> Update Elements -> Midsurface Thickness and Offset command, it should not throw up any errors which may confound us then.

Before somebody asks "Why not copy the solid model geometry and extract the midsurfaces again and copy the elements and do associativity"? The answer is that we have an abrupt jog in the rib flange which is missed by the automatic midsurface tool. It needs some work manual work to fill in them missing surfaces and I don't have that much time to do it several times on the copied rib components.