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Running multiple NX-NASTRAN jobs at once


Specifically, what is going on with the job monitor and the queue? I have found that when I run a nonlinear analysis, and then launch a linear analysis (from a different model) at the same time, that the original nonlinear analysis runs twice, producing two exactly identical sets of results. I think this is a bug.


1. Open two models

2. Run a long-running nonlinear analysis (model 1)

3. Once it is iterating, run a linear static analysis in parallel (model 2)

4. Note odd behaviour in job monitor, and ultimately two sets of results for model 1


What is the recommended procedure for queueing up jobs? What should I avoid doing? How can I tell the job monitor not to mix up monitoring several jobs?


Re: Running multiple NX-NASTRAN jobs at once

I see not much response to this...

I haven't used it, but VisQ which comes with Femap allows proper job queuing - usually in conjunction with a remote NX Nastran Server, but possibly also on the one computer.

Also, if you are using a dongle licence (rather than a single user network licence), you can start a complete new 2nd instance of Femap on the one computer (ie. not just a new model from within the same instance of Femap), which should allow a fully independent instance of NX Nastran to be run.

I note you have very clearly stated that you just wanted to run a quick linear analysis during a long NL analysis, so you probably don't need to be advised that running two parallel instances of NX Nastran on one computer is slower in total than running the two in series. So I say that for the other forum users.