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Selection of element type and contour setting



As shown in the attached image, I have created a test case model with a solid fixed on one side and being pulled on the other side. I used different type of elements with/without 'Use corner data'. Please see the attached snapshot for a comparison of results.

I have two questions related to the outcome of results-

1. What governs the selection of element type (hex, tetra, with midside nodes, without midside nodes, etc.) for any FE model?

2. Is it correct to always read out the analysis results with 'Use corner data' switche off?




Re: Selection of element type and contour setting

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Solution Partner Phenom

Dear Su,

  1. For linear static analysis use always when possible HEX8 elements, compared with TET10 for the same element size you have a reduced model size (~10x smaller) and more accurate results. Let hig-order HEX20 for nonlinear analysis (material & nonlinear geometric effect) + contact.
  2. For solid elements do not apply nodal force, instead use PRESSURE LOADS. Is not real to apply a concentrated force load in a node, in theory the stress will be infinite there, using pressure load in a region is more reasonable, natural.
  3. Consider always "Use Corner Data" option: this is nodal stress data coming from the NX NASTRAN solver, ignoring this result information could be dangerous.
  4. I only set OFF "use corner data" when I want to have a plot of centroidal-only elemental stress results.

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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