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Selection of nodes and elements

This is a great software!!! I am using it for the first time and I'm loving it. But too many options and less number of tutorials on these options make it difficult to use this software.
Especially when it comes to selection option I could never select the required nodes or elements. It seems quite difficult to select desire nodes or elements. I want to select nodes on the surface of a plane and it always select inner nodes of the components. Please I need help regarding this. There are very few tutorials which are focused on basic options. It is very hard to inspect the model without knowing the basic commands.

1) different options of element or node selections (having a tough time with this!! It is better to have tutorials which gives insight on all the selection options not just on how to select face elements)
2) how to hide selected elements so that we can inspect inner elements

Re: Selection of nodes and elements

I agree with you, always the number of tutorials is very low. And sometimes we forget to teach these simply "details" that make the software easy-to-use.
Regarding selecting options, FEMAP is very rich in this sense, sometimes abrumating. You need to differentiate between PICK NORMAL and PICK FRONT, symply try to see the diference, my favorite is PICK FRONT, but sometimes PICK NORMAL is very useful. Also, when doubt use PICK QUERY, or simply press the ALT key and a new window will appear where you can browse for entities.
You have a command in WINDOW > SHOW ENTITIES that allow you to select any entity in the screen, give a try!!.

Regarding Hide/Show entities, my preferred methof is to use LAYERS, this is dramatically faster than any method: if you create new layers and store there the different types of elements of your model you can SHOW/HIDE your model as you like, this is the key to manage complex FE models, very fast.
Also, the SELECTOR TOOLBAR is very powerful, give it a try!!. Choose for instance BY PROPERTY, simply clik in any mesh and you can click in the screen with the RMB and select VISIBILITY > HIDE SELECTED or any option you like.

The above is a simply list, try to select always mesh entities (nodes & elements) based in GEOMETRY, using the METHOD > ON POINT/CURVE/SURFACE/SOLID
Best regards,