Simcenter Femap 2019.1 What's New Preview: Meshing

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Simcenter Femap Version 2019.1 What's New Preview: Meshing

The Femap version 2019.1 release is coming up very soon, so let’s see some of the new meshing enhancements that we can look forward to.


Meshing enhancements


Sweep elements, element faces and edges


In the mesh sweep command there is a new option to sweep along element edges. The element edges form a path for the sweep operation which acts on a number of selected elements or element faces. Only a single element edge pick is required, and the sweep operation continues until it connects back on itself (around a circular structure for example) or an end is reached. There is also an option to specify a stop node. As the elements are swept, the mesh morphs to maintain a match with existing mesh edges.

As well as sweeping plates and solid faces to create solids, element edges and beams can also be swept to create 2D plates.


Hexa to tetra pyramid element transitions


Femap v2019.1 can now automatically generate pyramid elements to transition between hexa and tetra elements in a solid mesh. To help this operation there are also new node matching selections available, and an option to select additional areas to create pyramid elements.

As well as creating a mesh transition automatically, Femap v2019.1 will also manage node connection between linear hexa elements and parabolic tetra elements by removing midside nodes where appropriate to ensure correct element connectivity.

Essentially, you can use pyramids to transition from any surface quad mesh to transition to a solid tetra mesh. Using this approach, it is also possible to define contained hex-mesh able regions interior to a solid that would serve to reduce the number of degrees of freedom in the model.


Mixed linear to parabolic element connection tools

Also available in v2019.1 is a tool to connect mixed linear and parabolic elements. The midside node on the parabolic element can be removed to connect the elements together. Alternatively, a midside node can be added to the linear element to make the connection. The tool works with shell elements and mixed meshes comprising beams, shells and solids.


New element extrusion options

New options to widen the extrusion capabilities for shell elements have been added.

  • Element extrusions along element normals to surfaces to create solid elements from the original plates to selected geometry surfaces
  • Extrude shell elements in both directions at once to create solid elements on both sides of the original plates



Watch the video below to see the new meshing enhancements in Femap version 2019.1.



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