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Sizing on slaved surfaces


I'm having a problem creating mesh for multiple solids. Due to different sizes of solids I have to increase element size on some solids. I used this extensive in past and then I had the same problem but I fix it manually.

Now I have very complex geometry, complex in sense that it have lot of surfaces that need to be matched in order to obtain correct mesh. 

Using Mesh Size on Solid I select two solids (S1 and S2) and set desired element size. This gives me matched surfaces between those two solids. 

Repeating this I select two other solids (S2 and S3) and set new size of elements using Skip Sizing on Slaved Surfaces. But sometimes even I use this option I get updated element size on some curves (picture below).

Is this depended if surface in question is master or matched surfaced, or does it have something to do with greater element size (in my case x5) so algorithm adjusts division on curves even if it shouldn’t.



Thanks in advance



Re: Sizing on slaved surfaces

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Milan,


I had a similar problem where I needed to match the mesh in two surfaces. This post from Blas helped me solve it:





Re: Sizing on slaved surfaces

Gears Legend Gears Legend
Gears Legend

Hello Milan_B,


I shared my macros to sizing on slaved surfaces. Read descriptions here:


I attache here the newest versions.


Best regards,


Peter Kaderasz