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Solid Edge ST6 What's New


In other FEA environments, when running several analyses of similar models (such as changing a component size) I will set up the first model, then for subsequent models, replace the solid geometry and the software automatically transferes the loads, constraints, contacts to the new geometry.  I'm having trouble getting similar behavior from FEMAP with Soldworks assemblies, which I think may be due to my modifying the underlying geometry to improve the mesh quality (this creates different surface ID). 


I've found references to using ST7 and solid edge but since I'm in Solidworks I don't think that would apply.  I've also seen mention of seperately importing an analysis and a solid file, then auto-associating the two. Perhaps a similar method would work for different solid compoents as long as they are not too different.  I have also briefly tried the 'references' feature and think that might work if I update th original assembly with the new component and then import that?


So before I dive into trial and error of different methods, I thought I'd ask if anyone would care to share with me your method for swapping out solid geometry to "recycle" an analysis?