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Solution 601/106



I am struggling  with the following problem:

I am trying to model, using sol 601/106 the flattening of a pipe (see the attached file pipe.jpg ). The problem is that although I am increassing the time interval of the applied displacement, I always get practically the same results (see file pipe2.jpg). It is like NX stops in the same place. I also mention that I do not receive any message about errors!

Many thnaks



Re: Solution 601/106


This operation works somewhat differently between SOL106 and 601, but two simple checks...

1).  I assume you have set your displacement scale for postprocessing to "actual" rather than the automatic scale based on model size.

2) SOL601 requires specific control of loads, so you should have a Time Function (value vs time) to control your displacement.  Typically this would be a straight line ramp for what you are doing.  The ramp function must extend to the full amount of time that you wish to analyse, and you must make sure your force load "calls up" (= is attached to) the ramp time function.


You appear to be using NX, not Femap, so the specifcs of making sure you are properly connecting the load to the time function needs to be asked elsewhere.