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Stress Plots



I am new to FEMAP, so sorry if this is obvious.


My model generates results in Pa, but I would like FEMAP to display MPa for the stress plots.

Is there any easy way to do it? Is there a way of simply scaling the legend? I cannot find one.


If I create a new loadcase using Model--> Output --> Process --> Linear Combination and factor the loadcase by 1e-6 I would expect the von Mises stresses to be scaled by 1e-6, but they are not. They are if you ask for "No average, centroid only" or if you watch the "Dynamic Max/Min" value. However if you ask for "No Element Averaging" plot, the von Mises stress changes (588.8e6Pa to 540.7MPa). This is not what I would have expected. I am only scaling from Pa to MPa.




FEMAP 11.3.0


Re: Stress Plots

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Use mmNS (millimeter for lenght, Newton for force and second for time) and Femap will give N/mm2 or MPa for pressure.


Re: Stress Plots


Couple quick points:


1. Remember that NASTRAN (femap) is unitless, so if you desire MPa at the end then:

Length = mm

Mass = tonne

Force = Newton


2. It appears the scaling worked, i.e. 589e6 Pa = 589 MPa


3. The switch from "no average, centroid only" to "no element averaging" simply selecting different ways of showing the data so I'm not surprised the value changed from 589 MPa to 541 MPa in the contour.


If you want to know what the "element stress" is vs changing what's displayed you'll need to do an element listing to find the Max or Min (List...Output...Standard or List...Output...Summary to Data Table).  Once you do that, you can change the contour options to match the listing.


See the help section:  " Selecting Data for a Deformed or Contor Style" for more info specifcally "Data Conversion"  Screenshot below:Data Conversion.png