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Stress Result Directions for Composite Panels


Hi Guys,


Im working on a compoiste panel which has a couple of holes through it causing the elements around these holes to be slightly distorted from perfect quads. I am trying to determine the maximum stresses in the x and y directions to compare with previous results. When picking for example the "Ply 1 X Normal Stress" how do I know which direction this stress is acting? Is it with the global x-direction or is it aligned to the element or material directions?


Also can anyone explain how the "Transform" option works in the post-processing contour tools.


Any help with this issue woul be much appreciated!


Many thanks,



Re: Stress Result Directions for Composite Panels


I have also encountered some issues in assigning a consistent material direction to the model as the plate is curved in certain areas, this is causing the material direction to vary from the desired direction when viewed from above. Is this just a trick of the angle when looking at the model or is there an issue with assigning a material direction in the basic rectangular coordinate system on a curved piece?

Re: Stress Result Directions for Composite Panels

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

WIth NASTRAN, the ply stresses are in the ply directions, X is aligned with the direction of that ply as defined by the layup, and the reference zero direction for the given element.  Y is perpendicular.