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Suspension system

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Hello Everyone,

Have someone ever used Femap to simulate a car suspension system?


Re: Suspension system


I think the queston should be more presice. What do yuo need? static or dynamic? FEMAP is just prep/post . The solver is nx nastran and depending on what you need/want you may get one type of solver licence or another.   I guess FEMAP nx nastrancan solve wahtever you want. In general any kind of FEM solver.

Re: Suspension system


You need to sy what you are looking for from this anlysis. If you are looking for dynamic simulation,then there are softwares for dynamic analsyis  like MSC Adams but if you are optimizing suspension then Femap is for me really good.

I used for trailer-truck suspension with leaf springs but I simplify it in many areas(especially material9. Specifically i, t was case of dynamic transient analysis and I find Femap far more easier than other FEA softwares for this analysis beacuse conncetions are easier to define, adding unsprung mass to system is not a big problem because you can use stiff RBE2 or RBE3 elements and if you have car suspension system like McPherson you can modeled it with spring elements.