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Thermal Analysis Output


Hi all.


I can't find much about the Thermal Analysis flux and thermal constraint load outputs in the qrg or thermal ug. A few tests suggest that the element flux output is per unit area. Is that right? So if I'm in SI units, I read it as W/m2 for 1D/2D elements? If I want the actual flux on a given element I have to multiply it by the CSA or is there an easier way to display this for all elements?


And the thermal constraint load is nodal and equivalent to the actual power load in Watts? When I do a simple test, it looks like it's displaying the average per node, but then in my full model (which I can't really send unfortunately) I connecgt my fridge through a bar element get a nodal constraint load of around -1W and a displayed element contraint load of -19.8 (units?! W/node?).


Strangely, before getting to the fridge I pass all the load through another bar element and if I use the total element heat flux output as above, I get a flux of 39.6W so 19.8W/node makes a lot of sense and in fact this is also true for the actual fridge bar element as well.


However, I don't know why the actual nodal contraint would be wrong?