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ToolTip not working when using feSetToolbarCommandTitle


Hi there,


After some years of FEMAP standard usage, decided to start playing around a bit with the API of FEMAP, and now that I get the hang of it, would like to share some quick tools with colleagues via a toolbar. I'm currently using FEMAP v11.4.


When I use the command "feSetToolbarCommandTitle", I'm given the possibility to set:

- Title of the Command

- ToolTip

- Description for the Status bar


The Title and the Descritpion of the command work fine, but unfortunately the ToolTip does not show.

I noticed that also for the native functions, the ToolTip shows only for icons in the main window but not for functions in menus.

No ToolTip.pngToolTip not showing for function in menu

ToolTip.pngToolTip showing for a icon main window


Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Additionally, is it possible to show a title for the toolbar?

TitleToolBar.pngPossible to add title here?