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Transient Response module questions.....

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Good morning!


I am writting because I would like to ask You for help. I´m not sure about course of my analysis and I supouse that I made a fail.

I started from a quite simply model.





 Next, I prepared the coinstraints at the top of this beam and choosen materials (steel).

My next step was make a enforced excitation.









I choosen acceleration because I need to get a chart accelleration vs. time in my results. Acceletarion is in unit mm/s2.

After that, I made a function of my excitation. I can´t to prepare it with sine, that´s why I made the simpliest function, which is similar to standard function. Like this:









 In this step I choosen 0,2 in damping ratio because this is the damping ratio of the steel. (What shall I do if I will have got component with a lot of materials?) And I written 6 in W3 because this is the first frequency in the modal analysis of this element. After that I choosen the distance beetwen the nearest points in time.


Next step was analysis...

And I got charts like this:






At this chart, there is my function of excitation (green colour) and the function of acceleration vs. time for a few diffrent points.


Is there any fail in this course? Is it correct? Especially I would like to ask about the damping function and the function of excitation and load beacuse I am not sure about it at all. Shall I check gaps as linear contact in this analysis?



Best regards

J. Krzesimir