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Transparent contour limits in FEMAP


I'd like to show all overloaded points in my model in one screenshot. In other packages, it is possible to say that all stress under/over a certain level is transparent, so that you can see through to other previously obscured portions of the model which are also overloaded.


It this possible in FEMAP? It would be a great future feature if not.


Re: Transparent contour limits in FEMAP


Hi Kava,


This is easily feasible in Femap.


Press F6 / Post-Processing / Contour / Criteria Levels


Under Level Mode select 2..Max Min

Under Contour Palette select 1..User Palette. Then click on Set Levels... / User Palette...



USer Palet.PNG


Now you can read this portion of the Femap Help to create your personal palette.

User Defined Palette.PNG





Seifeddine Naffoussi
SafeMecha Stress Engineering

Re: Transparent contour limits in FEMAP


The last dialog depicted doesn't allow me to select a transparency level. I click on the various transparencies and nothing changes - it stays on 100% opaque.

Re: Transparent contour limits in FEMAP


Another user (Nagaraj) presented what I believe is a work-around that kindof mimics what I was looking for.



I didn't quite understand your question entirely, but if you are asking is there a way in Femap to plot only elements whose stress values are above a certain criteria (in your case Fty i.e. Yield), then the answer is Yes. Use the Criteria method in post-processing under Contour-> Style->Criteria. There you should find an option to set limits. I have included a picture to illustrate the above.



In my case, I have selected the method as "Above Max" and set the value as 1300. Only elements whose stress value is above 1300 is displayed by Femap. 


Similarly, you can set the limit value as Fty (or Sy) and plot only elements who Von Mises values exceed the criteria. 


Hope the above helps.