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Tube under axial force problem


Helo. Help me with my problem.

I'm just starting user of femap.

I have a pinned curved circular tube which loaded with axial force.

t1.PNGIts necessary to perform the nonlinear analysis with the development of plastic deformation in the cross section of the circular tube in the middle of the length of the rod.

1.   Is it possible to make a model of the tube which consists only of linear elements (for example BEAM). But it is very important to consider the development of plastic deformation in the cross section, and I do not know whether this can be done using linear finite elements.

2. I understand that a good option - it is used to model the pipe volume elements. But after the successful testing of this problem, I should make spatial system which consists of several such pipes and so I want the model to be simple.

Please help me how to solve this problem correctly.