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Ultrasonic welding simulation


Hello all,


I am trying to simulate an ultrasonic welding of plastic parts.

For those of you not familiar with the process I will explain how it works.

It is possible to weld together two polymer made parts from the same material with ultrasonic means. What happens in the process is that the two parts are fixed together, one in a fixed fixture and the other is freely placed on the top (in most cases). One of the parts has what is called "energy director" which directs the energy to the weld area. After the parts are in the fixture, a metal horn comes in contact with the freely placed part and presses on the parts untill a weld is generated. The horn is connected to a transducer (with a converter and a booster in between) which generates a vibration in the vertical direction (typically in the range of 20-40 KHz).

The problem is that with some designs that we have with grooves, the welded parts break at the groove - and I want to simulate this in advance.


I was thinkking pf using sol 701, and modeling both the polymer part and the horm, giving a sinusoidal displacement to the horn (I know what is the total stroke of the horn), I dont need to simulate the weld and the melting of the energy director, I just want to see what happens to the suspected part during lets say 5 cycles of vibration.


What do you say? is this the right way to do such a simulation?