Unable to Load Database Information 1



Hello World!


I've been working on this femap model for a month now and succesfully obtained the desired results a couple days back.

When I tried opening the file today to take screencaps for the report, femap throws an error "Unable to Load Database Information 1."  and doesn't open the file. Has someone encountered this before? I hadn't had any luck with online help so far. Been using femap for over a year now, and this is the first time I've come accorss this error.


Attached is a screenshot of the error message. Your help is appreciated.


Thank You


Re: Unable to Load Database Information 1

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Some things to try:

1. Make sure your model is saved locally. Sometimes large models or otherwise can have issues when opening over a network.

2. In your FEMAP installation directory, try running neu_XX.exe. This will prompt you to choose a FEMAP model file and will convert it to a neutral file format (ASCII).

3. Last case, we may be able to recover data on our end. If steps 1 & 2 do not work, direct message me and we will coordinate.