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What Does this Error Mean? "... unloading solids ..."


On clicking Save, I get the following error message in FEMAP.

Capture.PNGWhat does this error mean?


Prior to this message, I had more than a week of work on the model with absolutely zero problems in either Pre-, Solve or Post-processing.  Then, I added some geometry by importing the additional CAD (STEP) data into the existing fem.  It all seemed to go so well.  But, when I now try to save the fem, I get this error.


Also, now that I did go ahead and save it and close it, when I reopen it, I have no selectable geometry or elements.  Edges and results contours are still there but the model is pretty much unusable going forward.


What's up?


Re: What Does this Error Mean? "... unloading solids ..."

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Siemens Phenom

Solids in FEMAP are handled by Parasolid and are in memory while FEMAP is running.  When you save a .modfem file, we access these solids and if for some unknown reason, they're not available from Parasolid in memory, you get this message.  It means something went very wrong and the solid has somehow been corrupted or lost.  What version of FEMAP are you running, and what operations did you use before saving this model?



Re: What Does this Error Mean? "... unloading solids ..."


I'm using 11.3.2 Evaluation License (I have about a week and a half left in trial).


My primary/initial model produced results that suggested I needed to add more structure in some areas.  I went back to CAD and created those supports in the full assembly but then exported only those new supports to a STEP file.  I then imported the additional CAD info with the new supports into my existing model.  FEMAP seemed to have no problem with that.  I meshed the new supports and connected them to existing parts.  I then clicked to save the updated model and got this error.  I chose yes to proceed and went on with running my static analysis with the new supports added.  That ran to completion and gave me results that were improved as expected (meaning, the supports were recognized and the entirety of the analysis was still in tact).


I got the error again when trying to exit FEMAP and I get it every time I try to save or exit this model.  Now, I also cannot access (select, edit, etc.) any of my model geometry.  I can, however, access the elements.  So, I have a model with most recent results but I cannot do anything new with the model.


Could it be that my import of the new subset of CAD could have corrupted the existing imported CAD?  Or, should I suspect a hardware/memory problem?  I don't have other pc behaviors outside of FEMAP to suggest a hardware problem.


FEMAP had been absolutely, freakishly rock solid for 30+ days in spite of a lot of mis-clicks and bad model setup on my part as I was learning the program.  The other programs I am trying have not faired nearly as well - they have all been "non-robust" to my tinkering.  This is the first and only issue that I've had with FEMAP and this fem.  I suspect my added import and my lack of experience in doing so led to the error.


Thanks for any help!