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What solves Error 9031

I'm trying my first analyses and I always get Error 9031 "DMAP WARNING MESSAGE 9031 (ERRPH1) - NOGO ENCOUNTERED IN SUBDMAP"

What's the problem? And how can I solve it? Where are such Error-Messages documented with solving-suggestions?


Re: What solves Error 9031

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Almost certainly this message is related to extreme poor mesh quality. A "NOGO" error is unusal in that it can occur without also a "FATAL" error. The mesh may be sufficiently bad that a stiffness matrix cannot be formed for the elements. The usual cause is tiny geometric details in conjunction with a (relatively) large mesh size. Either use a finer mesh, or fix up the geometry problem (eg. tiny curve, sliver surface etc.) If you are struggling to identify the bad elements, you can use Tools | Check | Element Quality and switch off all the quality checks except Jacobian, and make it eg. 0.9 or 0.95. Choose the option which makes a group, and then display that group alone to see the bad elements.
Femap has numerous ways to deal with "dirty" geometry (eg. via the meshing toolbox), but it's a little too time consuming to provide a text tutorial on all of the nice faciltities there.

Re: What solves Error 9031

thank you very much