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Where is feVectorRotate in help section?




I could not find the Application Object feVectorRotate, which according to "Whats New in FEMAP 11.1.1" says a new function has been added.


Can anybody help?


Thank you.


Re: Where is feVectorRotate in help section?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This command appears to have missed the docs, it's pretty straight forward, it rotates a vector, by an angle, about another vector.  The last two arguments return the rotated vector's new base and direction - here's a small example that rotates a vector located at 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 with a direction of 1.0, 1.0, 0.0 about the global z-axis.  It returns the rotated vector and displays using User Defined Graphics the initial vector and the rotated one -


The HTML Clipboard

Sub Main
    Dim App As femap.model
    Set App = feFemap()

    Dim v1_Base(2) As Double
    Dim v1_Dir(2) As Double
    Dim CSys0Base(2) As Double
    Dim GlobalZAxis(2) As Double

    Dim dAngle As Double

    Dim newBase As Variant
    Dim newDir As Variant

    v1_Base(0) = 1.0
    v1_Base(1) = 1.0
    v1_Base(2) = 1.0

    v1_Dir(0) = 1.0
    v1_Dir(1) = 1.0
    v1_Dir(2) = 0.0

    CSys0Base(0) = 0.0
    CSys0Base(1)= 0.0
    CSys0Base(2) = 0.0

    GlobalZAxis(0) = 0.0
    GlobalZAxis(1) = 0.0
    GlobalZAxis(2) = 1.0

    Dim GFX_Vector As femap.GFXArrow
    Set GFX_Vector = App.feGFXArrow

    GFX_Vector.x = v1_Base(0)
    GFX_Vector.y = v1_Base(1)
    GFX_Vector.z = v1_Base(2)

    GFX_Vector.dX = v1_Dir(0)
    GFX_Vector.dY = v1_Dir(1)
    GFX_Vector.dZ = v1_Dir(2)

    GFX_Vector.Length = 1.0

    GFX_Vector.setID = 1

    GFX_Vector.color = 24580

    GFX_Vector.layer = 1

    rc = GFX_Vector.Put( GFX_Vector.NextEmptyID )

    rc = App.feVectorRotate( v1_Base, v1_Dir, 30,CSys0Base, GlobalZAxis, newBase, newDir )

    GFX_Vector.x = newBase(0)
    GFX_Vector.y = newBase(1)
    GFX_Vector.z = newBase(2)

    GFX_Vector.dX = newDir(0)
    GFX_Vector.dY = newDir(1)
    GFX_Vector.dZ = newDir(2)

    rc = GFX_Vector.Put( GFX_Vector.NextEmptyID )

    App.feGFXEnableView( True, 1 )

    App.feGFXSelect( 1, True, True )
End Sub

Re: Where is feVectorRotate in help section?


Thank you masherman!

Your reply and the information about the command was very helpful.