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Hi at all I'm Francesco,

Is there a way to adjust the display of actions? For example with an only resultant graphic force?

Are loaded on surfaces.
Also I can not show the actions applied as loads distributed directly on the beams elements.



display actions.jpg



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Hi Francesco,


Jeepers, that’s one messy load-display J


If I understand correctly, because of your model you can’t add the loads as load on curve/load on surface? Unlike force on node, these don’t show a load-vector/arrow every node.


I’ve found a work-around to hide all the load-arrows and to display a summation of the loads.

It’s as follows : hide the “Force and bearing” load. Go to the visibility window (shift+F6) and uncheck the checkbox at “Force and Bearing”.


Next, because you obviously do want to display something, add a free body. The downside is that you need an output before you can create a free body. When you’re creating the freebody go to: Entities and select the first button at ‘Freebody Nodes’. (see image below)

FB nodes.jpg


After selecting all of your nodes you’ll be prompted with the question: “Auto-locate total summation vector at center of freebody nodes …….” Click yes. A big yellow arrow appears indicating the load summation in the center of your selection of nodes.


Now with the appeareance of the summation vector (yellow arrow) your dreaded nodal-load arrows have returned. To hide them: while still in the PosProcessing toolbox Freebody-section, scroll down to the ‘View Properties’ and find the “Nodal Force Vector” underneath it, set the Scale Factor to 0 and the green vector arrows will be gone again, see the following image:




It’s how I can go from this:



To this:


I hope it's any help!

Maarten Elings | Engineer

Re: adjust display actions


Thanks Marteen, these are loads on surfaces but my problem is that I have a non-manifold sheet consisting of a multitude of thin surfaces that make up my total corrugated surface. So the result is an unreadable pics like that.

Your solution can be applied also for load on surfaces (show a total load rather than a distributed load may still be unclear to the customer)?

This is a question, the second is that I can't see in the model loads applied on elements... why?