can use Femap PostProcessing Freebody with Abaqus results?




I would like to use the Freebody tools in the Femap PostProcessing Toolbox to obtain the sum of internal forces and moments at selected locations.  I am using Abaqus results from either the *.fil results file or the *.odb output database.  Can the Freebody tools be used with Abaqus results? 


The mesh stress and strain results are written to the element centroids so that I can view the color map in Femap.  I am using meshes with either brick elements or shell elements.  I am using Femap 12.0.0.


I noticed toward the end of example 13 "Analyzing a Midsurface Model of a Welded Pipe" (from Femap -> Help -> Examples) that once a group of elements is selected in the Freebody toolbox, the force arrows are added to the mesh view.


In my meshes, I can use the freebody inputs to create a new freebody, then select elements, show the freebody elements (elements are highlighted in the mesh view), but the force arrows do not appear.


Would I need to request additional output to the Abaqus *.fil or *.odb result files so that more data is available to use the Freebody toolbox?


Thanks for your help,

Greg T.


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Re: can use Femap PostProcessing Freebody with Abaqus results?

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Dear Greg,

With NX NASTRAN solver to have results to postprocess with the FREEBODY tool the required entry to activate in the OUTPUT REQUEST is nodal FORCE BALANCE, then see in Abaqus to activate the equivalent parameter.


This will cause the activation of "GPFORCE(PLOT) = ALL" entry in the NX NASTRAN input file, this will request the calculation of the grid point force balance at all grid points in the model.

Grid point force balance is computed from linear and nonlinear elements, the sum of applied and thermal loads, and MPC and SPC forces. 

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: can use Femap PostProcessing Freebody with Abaqus results?


Hi Blas,


Thank you for the information.  Using the NASTRAN solver instead of Abaqus would be a possibility for us to use the freebody toolbox.


I received a reply from my GTAC support question on this topic.  Femap support confirmed that Abaqus results are not yet supported to use the Femap freebody toolbox.  This has been submitted as an enhancement request.  If others would benefit from this addition, I encourage you to let your re-seller or GTAC know.

Regards, Greg T.