confusion w/ Material Orientation and Constraints


I have two very similar models attached; both reflect airfoil shapes that would deform in response to an applied heat. The materials, properties, loads, constraints, and material orientations between these two models should be exactly the same, however I am getting wildly different deformed views and total deflections.


I believe that the error is either material orientation being incorrectly applied, or that somehow my constraint is wrong (which allows the bottom surface of the EPPLER file to deform so erratically and pass through the upper surface).


Anyone offer any advice? Getting my EPPLER model to match the 10_17 model would be fantastic.


Thanks in advance.


Re: confusion w/ Material Orientation and Constraints

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Siemens Phenom

Took a look at this model, element orientations are reversed between the two models, and with non-symmetric lamiantes under thermal loading, this is causing some significant changes in deformation.