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dealing with unsupported NASTRAN cards




I have the following problem: I use MSC NASTRAN's solid composite PCOMPLS cards, not supported by FEMAP. Hence the following consequences: FEMAP writes ~40000 times the same message (I have ~40000 elements in my model), because the property is never recognised as one to begin with. So importing is very slow.



Element and Property Types Disagree.Choose a New Property which matches the active Element Type.

Element and Property Types Disagree. Element 36650



Then if I "Color by Prop" FEMAP won't color the solid composites. However If i create a PSOLID with the right ID I can then color by Prop. This is logical because the component card is still CHEXA, which FEMAP supports. So the elements' prop ID is properly read.


An intermediate solution is to duplicate the dat file and have a "FEMAP version" of my dat with PSOLID cards instead of PCOMPLS, but this gets annoying after the twentieth time or so.


My questions are:

- is there a better way to deal with this?

- could there be a generic "Unsupported" property type? One for which only one error message would be generated (the first time FEMAP comes across it), and which would enable coloring by prop once model is loaded.

This could apply to materials as well.


Thanks for your help!