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deflection/stress not proper in linear static analysis


i am modelling a cylinder with a C section on top of it, on the extreme left end, its clamped(fixed) and i have applied point loads at the cantilever tip(at nodes).. the whole model is made with shell elements...... i am doing a linear static analysis, and when i check the displacements, i see that only the element connected to the loading node gets deflected, the stress/displacement is zero everywhere else, i am sure that there is no fixity other than the one at extreme left end. please guide me.


Re: deflection/stress not proper in linear static analysis


attach your model (if it is not confidential) and we will look at it.

your are working with groups? 

did you launch a free free analysis to check your six rigid body modes? 

check you are constraining the right nodes and verify the load you've applied...

Seifeddine Naffoussi
SafeMecha Stress Engineering