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feFileReadNastran and indirect elements




I get a strange bug using feFileReadNastran: when solid elements are inverted (top face below botton face), it displays a red bold error message saying the element is switched.

If I import the model without the macro (File > Import), I only get a final blue message informing me that XX elements have been switched.


"Bug" is a strong word, I am only wondering why feFileReadNastran does not generate the same messages than File > Import? Aren't they the same method?


The problem is when a model is full of these, the numerous error messages make the import very long if I use the macro. Could this be fixed? I.e. could feFileReadNastrn have the same simple blue message at the end? Thanks.



Oh and out of curiosity at what point does FEMAP need solid elements to have a direct orientation?