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femap API GetObject


a quote from femap API documentation: 


"When you are connecting to an existing session there are some special considerations. If you are programming in an environment outside of FEMAP (anything but the FEMAP API Programming Window), then you must use “GetObject” to connect. This uses standard OLE/COM mechanisms to find the FEMAP object, but imposes a limitation. If you have multiple copies of FEMAP run­ning (multiple processes, not multiple models open in the same FEMAP), GetObject will always connect you to the process that was started first. This is simply a limitation of the OLE/COM inter­face and can not be avoided."


Could any one who can explain why GetOject(called external femap) can only connect to the first started femap process not the active one?what is COM limitation detail?I remember maybe other program like EXCEL can connect to active one using GetObject(I am not sure)?


Is there any other method deal with the limitation?