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help with GFXarrows




I'm trying to write an API which creates GFXarrows, then displays an HMI in which the user can switch certain arrows on and off with checkboxes.


However I can't get that to work. See the little code snipet below.

This code DOES NOT make the 2nd arrow disappear.

If I change line 26 to App.feGFXSelect(2,True,True) then the 1rst arrow disappears correctly. This suggests that a "ghost arrow" of the 2nd arrow still exists in setID 1. The problem is that I can't delete it individually (no methods available for this).


I would appreciate help on this.


To go further dealing with GFX elements is not very practical. The following things could be improved:

- running a macro then Ctrl+Z (undo) does not delete GFX elements

- automated creation methods like PutAllArray do not deal with the setID

- on a broader level displaying arows is often useful, could the GFXarrow object be dealt with more like a text, where we could select it, delete it ...etc? All other GFX objects have alternatives (plot elements...etc)


Thanks for your help!




Sub Main
    Dim App As femap.model
    Set App = feFemap()

    Dim ar As femap.GFXArrow
    Set ar = App.feGFXArrow

    Dim set1 As femap.Set, set2 As femap.Set
    Set set1 = App.feSet
    Set set2 = App.feSet

    ar.dX = 1
    ar.lengthmode = GAM_SCALED : = GAS_SOLID

    ar.dY = 1

    MsgBox "pause"

    'make 2nd arrow disappear
    ar.setID = 2

    'now make it reappear
End Sub