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how to add additional structure member after meshing?


Dears, when I done a simple structure static analysis, I found there was a stress concentration hard point, so I wanna add one small bracket at this location. But I don't exactly know what the size and thickness is suitable, so I have to back to geometry interface, add bracket, mesh, adjust mesh and run, then repeat again and again, finally I got what I want. it took really long time especially for the mesh adjust each time, it makes me crazy.

Below screen shot is just a small piece of the model. My question Is, is there any simple way to edit the meshed model directly to avoid remeshing and adjusting instead of my stupid way? Many many thanks for any advise.




Re: how to add additional structure member after meshing?

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Dear Gerry,
Yes, in this case of Shell meshing you can play with GLUE "edge-to-edge" and "edge-to-face" feature available in NX NASTRAN. Glue is a simple and effective method to join meshes which are dissimilar. It correctly transfers displacement and loads resulting in an accurate strain and stress condition at the interface. The grid points on glued edges and surfaces do not need to be coincident, then you can play with the size & shape of the bracket to reach the optimum design, and don't worry at all about the need to merge coincident nodes.

Once the valid final design is reached after a few iterations, I suggest to create a NonManifold sheet body (command "Geometry > Surface > NonManifold Add") of the whole model and Shell mesh using the classical meshing approach: merging coincident nodes.

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: how to add additional structure member after meshing?


Dear Mr. Blas,


thank you so much to share this valuable experience. I'm a newbie to femap and I appreciate indeed for all the help here. It's a really good place with so many nice guys. Thank you all.


Best regard / Gerry

Femap NewbieCat LOL