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passing set names to groups




Could it be possible in future versions to pass names from NASTRAN sets to the groups FEMAP automatically creates, in the same way than for materials, properties, csys...Etc...?


For example if I write in a bulk file:

"$ Femap with NX Nastran SET 100 : part1

SET 100 = bla bla bla"


FEMAP could detect the name "part1" and assign it to the group created.

We use FEMAP more and more for custom post-processing, with models that get bigger and bigger. Reducing areas for which output is requested is becoming an important issue, and using sets is the most efficient way. Navigating easily in these sets would be nice.


To go even further (but this is optional) would it be possible to define a syntax to tell FEMAP wether the set concerns nodes or elements? NASTRAN does not make this disctinction and does not need to, but in FEMAP when visualising only a group it gets confusing...

So for example ""$ Femap with NX Nastran NSET 100 : part1" or "$ Femap with NX Nastran ESET 100 : part1

This may be too specific...